Frost / Kerbow & Wilkes / Day Surname Index
Frost / Kerbow & Wilkes / Day Photo Collection Surname Index

DAY Dawn C.
This Listing is indexed by Surname at Birth (unless I am missing that information)
Any changes in that surname due to marriage, divorce, adoptions
or you hate your parents will be included after the full name.
Frost / Kerbow Surname List

Wilkes / Day Surname List

Frost / Kerbow Surname List
Indexed by Surnames Name at birth.

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SURNAME      Full Name birth and DOB if known

- A -
Adams           Ruby Elizabeth Adams Worthington b.1937, spouse: Charles Wayne Worthington b.1933

Adkins           Gordie "Junior" Adkins Jr. , spouse: Frankie Nell
Adkins           Gordy Adkins Sr. b.1911, spouse: Gladys Frost Adkins Sanders b.1924
Adkins           Kenneth Earl Adkins Frost, spouse: Gale Worthington
Adkins           Larry Wayne "Peanut" Adkins 1947, spouse: Joan L. Phillips
Adkins           Linda Gail Adkins Rowel
Adkins           Paul David Adkins, spouse: Beverly Reed Adkins
Adkins           Rose Adkins Craighead b.1880, spouse: Benjamin Michael 'Ben' Craighead b.1873
Adkins           Rose Mary Adkins Nolan 1950, spouse: Tony Gray Nolan
Adkins           Sharon Renee Adkins Simpson, spouse: Douglas Lynn Simpson

Albritten         Gerald Albritten, spouse: Kathy Batterton
Albritten         Milton B. Albritten b.1933, spouse: (1)Bonnie Valerie Jordan 1936-1984

Alley              Edger Lee Alley b.1896, spouse: Florence Marie Kerbow b.1901

Alsobrook      Breanne Alsobrook
Alsobrook      Shaun Lynn Alsobrook b.1965, spouse: Winona Celeste Shields

Arrant           Richard B. Arrant b.1967, spouse: not known

Avery             Melinda 'Lizzie' Elizabeth Avery Blazier b.1892 spouse: Louis Eugene Blazier b.1882

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- B -
Banks           Jeanette Banks Jordan b.1935, spouse: Arnold Gene Jordan Sr.

Barfoot           Charles Edwin Barfoot b.1943, spouse: Cathey Tedeton Barfoot b.1951

Batterton       Kathy Batterton Albritton, spouse: Gerald Albritten

Bearden        Willard Alford 'Al' Bearden b.1921, spouse: Johnnie Emma Ferguson b.1925

Benge           Lana J Benge Laird b.1952, spouse: Johny Davie Placek b.1949

Blazier           Aletha Jeanette Blazier Parish b.1913, spouse: Ogen Mogden 'Audie' Parrish b.1905
Blazier           Bettie Mae Blazier b.1922, spouse: not known
Blazier           Daniel Kenneth Blazier, single
Blazier           Gladys B Blazier b.1931, spouse: unkown
Blazier           Henry Calvin Blazier Sr b.1914, spouse: Johnnie Ellen Green b.1918
Blazier           Johnnie Eugene 'Gene' Blazier b.1937, spouse: Sylvia Rea Frost
Blazier           Jason Daniel Blazier, spouse: Kathryne Blazier Champagne
Blazier           Josephine Blazier b.1927, spouse: unkown
Blazier           Kathleen Blazier b.1916, spouse: unkown
Blazier           Oscar Lee Blazier b.1919, spouse: Hazel Rushing b.1928
Blazier           Robert 'Bob' David Blazier b.1941, spouse: Ruth Edna Berry b. 1943
Blazier           Thomas Armand Blazier b.1929, spouse: unkown

Boler              Ernestine Boler Robertson Green b.1933, spouse: Otto Clifton Green

Bopp             Kemberly Bopp, single
Bopp             Paul William Bopp b.1936, spouse: Joann Sanders

Brown           Alice Jeanette Brown b.1897, spouse: Olen James Neighbors b.1894
Brown           Arthur Lee Brown Sr. b.1889, spouse: Poke Rosa Ada b.1895
Brown           Arthur Lee 'Junior' Brown Jr. (b. ABT 1926), spouse: not known
Brown           Clarence Lee Brown b.1921, spouse: not known
Brown           Clyde Henry Brown b.1923, spouse: Alma Fern Winans Goddard Brown b.1922
Brown           Edith Pauline Brown b.1918
Brown           Horace David Brown Sr. b.1912, spouse: Ara Jane Hutchins*
Brown           Joseph Alen Brown b.1914, spouse: Virgie Lee Glissen b.1913
Brown           Lillie Brown Norman b.1870, spouse: Thomas Franklin Norman b.1862
Brown           Lillie Alva Brown Foreman Brummett b.1904, spouse: Hollis H. Foreman b.1901
Brown           Samuel "Sam" Houston Brown b.1893, spouse: Edna Frost b.1893
Brown           Valla Mea Brown b.1916, spouse: not known

Butts             C.L. Butts abt 1922, friend of H.I Frost (USN)

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- C -
Carter            Judy Doylene Carter b.1948, spouse: Carl Shannon Frost
Carter            Willard Doyle Carter b.1924, spouse: Betty Jane Carter Zuber b.1930

Carson          Ellen Clinton Carson Frost 1832, spouse: Oliver Jasper Frost 1823

Casola          Dean Anthony Casola b.1964, spouse: Wanda Denise Frost Casola
Casola          Dean Jacob Casola b.1993, spouse: Rebecca 'Becca' Erin Dupuy b.1994
Casola          Derek Anthony Casola 1988, spouse: Lauren Elizabeth Daily b.1989

Cobb             Gordon N. Cobb, spouse: not known
Cobb             Kathryn Genice Cobb McVey b.1952, spouse: Ronaldo "Ronnie" Eli Escobar b.1958
Cobb             Nathan Sidney Cobb b.1941, spouse: Barbara Fay Windsor
Cobb             Ronnan Eileene Cobb Moffett b.1960, spouse: Reginald E Moffett

Cogley          Nathan Bradly Cogley, single
Corley           Verla Mae Corley Stringer b.1927, spouse: Gerald LaVern Stringer

Craighead     Benjamin Michael 'Ben' Craighead b.1873, spouse: Rose Adkins Craighead b.1880

Culverhouse  Irene "Polly" Culverhouse Frost 1924, spouse: JD Frost b.1917

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- D -
Dickson        Patsie Jean Dickson Relation: not known, probably from the Brown Family
Dickson        Robert Dickson Relation: not known, probably from the Brown Family
Dickson        Roy Dickson Relation: not known, probably from the Brown Family

Drinnan        Mark Kevin Drinnan, spouse: Tina Louise Frost Drinnan Thompson
Drinnan        Dawn and Larry Drinnan

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- E -
Eddins         Thaddous Pope Eddins Sr. b.1866, spouse: Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie' Kerbow b.1878

Ellis              Nicoshia Shylynn Ellis Parks, spouse: Bryan Lee Parks

Evett            Martha Ella Evett Kerbow b.1872 spouse: William Russell Kerbow b.1869

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- F -
Feeback      Ginger Feeback (Friend)

Ferguson     Johnnie Emma Ferguson Bearden b.1925, spouse: Willard Alford "Al" Bearden

Finley           Jimmie Juanita Finley Middleton b.1933, spouse: James Franklin Middleton

Foreman      Hollis Herman Foreman b.1902, spouse: Lillie Alva Brown Foreman Brummett b.1904

Frost            Alice Augusta Frost b.1854, spouse: John Harless Frost b.1848
Frost            Alton "Jack" Frost b.1914, spouse: (1) Selma Nadine Ketchens , (2) Mattie Lou Pat McGahee
Frost            Amanda Frost Allen Bell, spouse: not known
Frost            Benjamin "Benjy" Derrall Frost, spouse: Becky Ann Parks
Frost            Brenda Jean Frost Patrick b.1956, spouse: James M Patrick b.1955
Frost            Carl Shannon Frost b.1949, spouse: Judy Doylene Carter b.1948
Frost            Caryolyn Mavis Frost Millien, spouse: George Tim Millien b. 1949
Frost            Clifton R. Frost b.1915, spouse: Marie L. Tucker Jennings
Frost            Derrall Irvin Frost b.1946, spouse: Vera Charlene Wilkes b.1944
Frost            Docia Frost Robinson b.1889, spouse: George Ezra Robinson b.1877
Frost            Edna Frost Brown b.1893, spouse: Samuel "Sam" Houston Brown
Frost            Ethel Mae Frost b.1940, spouse: Billy Clyde Nichols b.1934
Frost            Emmett Edwin Frost 1853, spouse: Margaret 'Maggi' McElroy b. 1866
Frost            Gertha Mae Frost b.1932, spouse: (1)Richard Bennett Arrant Jr. b.1929 (2)Oliver Cleveland Tedeton b.1910
Frost            Gladys Frost Adkins Sanders b.1924, spouse: Gordie Adkins Sr. b1911
Frost            Henry Irvin "Bud" Frost 2nd b.1893, spouse: Dessie Odessie Reaves Frost, b.1891
Frost            Henry Irvin "Junior" Frost 3rd b. 1920, spouse: Thelma "Peggy" Kerbow Frost
Frost            JD Frost b.1917, spouse: Irene "Polly" Culverhouse
Frost            Jerry Wayne Frost b.1949, spouse: Beverly Cheryl Stringer
Frost            John Harless Frost b.1848, spouses:Alice Augusta Frost b.1854
Frost            Kenneth Earl Adkins Frost, spouse: Gale Worthington
Frost            Liller Mary Frost Green Fleming b.1930, spouses: (1) Otto Clifton Green
Frost            Marion Elbert Frost b.1844, spouse: Nancy Emma Kelly 1846
Frost            Marion Elmer Frost b.1919, spouse: Verda Neighbors b.1919
Frost            Marce Other "Big Boy" Frost b.1926, spouse: Yvonne M Graves
Frost            Marvin Odis 'Skeeter' Frost b.1926, spouse: Farris Jean Graves
Frost            Oliver Jasper Frost 1826-1914, spouse: Ellen Clinton Carson Frost 1832
Frost            Shawn Jeremy Frost, spouse: not known
Frost            Shirley Ann Frost McKinney b.1936, spouse: Cecil Van McKinney Sr b.1914
Frost            Sylvia Rea Frost Blazier b.1941, spouse: Johnnie Eugene "Gene" Blazier
Frost            Tina Louise Frost Drinnan Thompson, spouses: (1)Mark Kevin Drinnan (2)Todd Douglas Thompson
Frost            Verdie Adrinnie Frost Sanders Zeagler b.1921>, spouse: Nixon Humble L. Zeagler
Frost            Wanda Denise Frost Casola, spouse: Dean Anthony Casola

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- G -
Graves         Benny Ray Graves b.1947, spouse: Barbara J Lunsford Hicks
Graves         Ellen Graves Crowe b.1941, spouse: not known
Graves         Farris Jean Graves Frost b.1935, spouse: Marvin Odis "Skeeter" Frost
Graves         John Ardis Graves b.1930, spouse: Betty Lou Irby B.1940
Graves         Margie A Graves b.1938, spouse: unkmown
Graves         Patricia 'Pat' Graves Mathes b.1950, spouse: not known
Graves         Robert E. Graves b.1910, spouse: Thelma Louise Moncrief 1913
Graves         Sandra Graves Lamb b.1944, spouse: not known
Graves         Yvonne M Graves Frost b.1932, spouse: Marce Other "Big Boy" Frost

Green           Billy Ray Green, spouse: Mary Elizabeth Stricklin
Green           C. E. Green
Green           Johnnie Ellen Green Blazier b.1918, spouse: Henry Calvin Blazier Sr b.1914
Green           Otto Clifton Green b.1923, spouses: (1)Liller Mary Frost (2)Ernestine Boler Robertson

Grigg            Maggie Grigg Kerbow b.1903, spouse David Ardell Kerbow

Grimes         Clara Mary Grimes Kerbow b.1901, spouse: Henry David Kerbow

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- H -
Hardy           Brandon Kirk Hardy b.1984, spouse: Amanda (maiden unk)
Hardy           David Earl Hardy, spouse: not known
Hardy           Dean Warnock Hardy b.1927, spouse: Ruth Jo Ann Leasure
Hardy           Denisa Michelle Hardy, spouse: not known
Hardy           Doris Hardy Shields b.1932, spouse: Ptiman 'Larry' Lex Shields
Hardy           Harry Clark Hardy #1 b.1929, spouse: (1) Maria E. Morales b.1919,  (2) Ollie Faye Woolie
Hardy           Harry Clark Hardy #2 b.1986, spouse: not known
Hardy           Harry Dean Hardy b.1951, spouse: Rosemary Montez b. 1965
Hardy           Rebecca "Becky" Deann Hardy Villatoro b.1964, Spouse: Oskar 'George' Armando Villatoro

Harper         Luther F Harper

Hulsey         Danny Husley, friend

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- I -

- J -
Johnson      Cora Belle Belle Johnson Love b.1902, spouse: Roger L. Love
Johnson      Howard Johnson abt 1918

Jordan         Alan Dwayne Jordan b.1955, spouse: Anita McGrew Truman b. abt 1955
Jordan         Arnold Gene Jordan Sr. b.1933, spouse: Jeanette Banks
Jordan         Arnold Gene Jordan Jr. , spouse: Terri McGee
Jordan         Bonnie Valerie Jordan Albritten b.1936, spouse: Milton B. Albritten
Jordan         Don Lee Jordan b.1931, spouse: Mary Inez Toady Tedeton Jordan b.1934
Jordan         Donald Lee Jordan b.1952, spouse: Patricia "Ethel" Dianne Stamper
Jordan         Harvey Lee Jordan b.1907, spouse: Irene Kerbow Jordan b.1911
Jordan         Jarrod Michael Jordan, single
Jordan         Jimmy Dean Jordan b.1943, spouse: Rebecca "Becky" Ann Thompson
Jordan         Kathy Lynn Jordan Walters, spouse: Don Walters
Jordan         Lessie Inez Jordan Spiller Clark 1973, spouse: (1)Joel Lee Spillers b.1971-2001, (2)Jamey Clark
Jordan         Tracy Dean Jordan b.1969, spouse: (1) Jennifer Winfrey Day, (2) Shannon T (maiden unk) b. 1968

Jung            Carol June Thompson Haley, spouse: Tom William Thompson

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- K -
Kelly             Nancy Emma Kelly Frost b.1846, spouse: Marion Elbert Frost b.1844

Kerbow        Abelina Abbie Kirbow Lusby b.1903, spouse: Joseph Swan Lusby b.1900
Kerbow        Alexander Andrew Jackson Kerbow 1867Laura Frances Griffin 1841
Kerbow        Alford "Tiny" Ray Kerbow b.1939, spouse: Sylvia Albert b.1938
Bonnie Beatrices Kerbow Sanders b.1920, spouse: Woodrow A Sanders b.1916
Kerbow        Bradley Scott Kerbow b.1961 & Barbra J. b.1962
Kerbow        Buena Vista Kerbow Middleton b.1905, spouse: William Cleo Middleton b.1904
Kerbow        Charles Redmond Kerbow b.1872, spouse: 1. Sarah F Little b.1872. 2. Mary Magdalena Brewer b.1881
Kerbow        David Ardell Kerbow b.1909, spouses: (1) Maggie Girgg, (2) Hazel Wallace Boyd
Kerbow        Dock Layne Kerbow b.1883, spouse: Ruby LaCappell Hicks b.1887
Kerbow        Dorothy Mae Kerbow Shows b.1913, spouse: Coy Calvin Shows b.1917
Kerbow        Florence Marie Kerbow Allen b.1901, spouse: Edger Lee Alley b.1898
Kerbow        Floyd Jearald Kerbow b.1936, spouse: Sue Bess Long b.1937
Frank David Kerbow b.1905, spouse: (1)Vivian Sue Wimberley b.1909, (2)Dorothy 'Dot' Lucille Wimberley b.
Kerbow        Gladys Kerbow Hardy b.1903, spouse: Francis Albert Hardy, b.1902
Kerbow        Guindal Lamar Kerbow b.1931, spouse: Betty Jean Schilling Kerbow b.1933"
Kerbow        Heather J. Kerbow Weikum b.1987, spouse: Korey Lynn Weikum b.1988
Kerbow        Helen Kerbow Windsor b.1926, spouse: Willard Windsor
Kerbow        Henry David Kerbow Sr. b.1897, spouse: Clara Mary Grimes
Kerbow        Henry David Kerbow Jr. b.1920, spouse: not known
Kerbow        Henry Walter Kerbow b.1880, spouse: Jessie Eugenia Love
Kerbow        Herbert Lawrence Kerbow b.1909, spouse: not known
Kerbow        Irene Kerbow Jordan b.1911, spouse: Harvey Lee Jordan
Kerbow        James Turner Kerbow 1962, spouse: Junne Lane Marable 1943
Kerbow        Jerrell Joe Kerbow b.1925-1927
Kerbow        John A Kerbow Sr. b.1828, spouse: Mary Ann Smith b.1841
Kerbow        John Edward Kerbow Sr b.1895, spouse: Rosa Lee Forehand b.1896
Kerbow        John Robert Kerbow b.1933, spouse: Betty Ann Russell
Kerbow        Kipp Turner Kerbow 1964, spouse: Yvonne M. Hiott
Kerbow        Lodie Kerbow Greer b.1934, spouse: Glenn Napoleon Greer b.1935
Kerbow        Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie' Kerbow b.1878, spouse: Thaddous Pope Eddins Sr. b.1866
Kerbow        Martha Jane Kerbow b.1859, spouse: Alexander Sprinkles b.1861
Kerbow        Phillis Darlene Kerbow Hutson, spouse: William D. Hutson
Kerbow        Robert Allen Kerbow b.1896, spouse: Susie May Bennett b.1902
Kerbow        Royce Barnard Kerbow b.1923-1940
Kerbow        Sandra K Kerbow, spouse: not known
Kerbow        Steve Lamar Kerbow b.1952, spouse: Janice Helen Reid
Kerbow        Solomon David Kerbow Sr b.1861, spouse: Mary Ann Smith Kerbow 1841
Kerbow        Tammy Lynn Kerbow, spouse: not known
Kerbow        Thelma "Peggy" Kerbow Frost b.1918, spouse: Henry Irvin "Junior" Frost 3rd
Kerbow        Thomas 'Tom' Monroe Kerbow b.1874, spouse: (1)Jimmie McCrutchen, (2)Helen Webb B.1875
Kerbow        William Russell Kerbow b.1869, spouse: Martha Ella Evett Kerbow b.1872

Ketchens     Selma Nadine Ketchens Frost Sanders b.1919, spouse: (1) Alton "Jack" Frost (2) James Carter 'Pete' Sanders

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- L -
Lasure         Ruth Joann Lasure Hardy b.1932, spouse: Dean Warnock Hardy b.1927

Love            Jessie Eugenia Love Kerbow b.1981, spouse: Henry Walter Kerbow
Love            Roger L. Love b.1891, spouse: Cora Belle Johnson Love

Lunsford      Barbara J Lunsford Hicks Graves, spouse: Benny Ray Graves

Lusby          Joseph Swan Lusby b.1900, spouse: Abelina Abbie b.1903

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- M -
McGahee      Mattie Lou Pat McGahee Mayo Frost b.1914, spouse: (1)Harvey Andrew Mayo b.1901. (2)Alton "Jack" Frost

McGee          Terri McGee Jordan, spouse: Arnold Gene Jordan Jr.

McGrew        Anita McGrew Truman b. abt 1955, spouse: Alan Dwayne Jordan b.1955

McKinney     Cecil Van McKinney Sr. b.1914, spouse: Shirley Ann Frost McKinney b.1936

Melvin           David E Melvin , Friend

Middleton     James Franklin Middleton b.1926, spouse: Jimmie Juanita Finley
Middleton     James Michael 'Mack' Middleton, spouse: not known
Middleton     William Cleo Middleton b.1904, spouse: Buena Vista Kerbow b.1905
Middleton     Vickie Jane Middleton, spouse: not known

Moncrief      Thelma Louise Graves Moncrief 1913, spouse: Robert E Graves b.1910

Mooney       Joshua Aaron Mooney, spouse: Hope Ann-Marie Parks

Moore          Huie Moore

Morales       Petra Maria E. Morales Hardy b.1919, spouse: Harry Clark Hardy I b.1929

Mullins         Lorene Elizabeth Mullins Snapp b.1928, spouse: Elmer Dean Snapp b.1925

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- N -
Neighbors    Olen James Neighbors b.1894, spouse: Alice Jeanette Brown b.1897
Neighbors    Verda Neighbors Frost b.1919, spouse: Marion Elmer Frost b.1919

Nell              Frankie Nell Adkins, spouse: Gordie "Junior" Adkins Jr.

Newnam      Lola May and Louie Newman

Nichols        Billy Clyde Nichols b.1934, spouse: Ethel Mae Frost b.1940

Nolan          Tony Gray Nolan, spouse: Rose Mary Adkins

Norman      Thomas Franklin Norman b.1862, spouse: Lillie Brown b.1862

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- O -

- P -
Parks           Becky Ann Parks Frost spouse: Benjamin "Benjy" Derrall Frost
Parks           Bryan Lee Parks, spouse: Nicoshia Shylynn Ellis
Parks           Hope Ann-Marie Parks Mooney, spouse: Joshua Aaron Mooney
Parks           William 'Bill' Russel Parks b.1944, spouse: Brenda Gail Snapp b.1947

Patrick         Anna Patrick, spouse: not known
Patrick         Jame Patrick Etheridge, spouse: not known
Patrick         Kara Lynn Patrick Williams, spouse: not known

Peterman    Buster and Jimmie Peterman, friends (owner "Supreme Bedding and Furniture", West Monroe, La )

Phillips        Geory J Phillips
Phillips        Mary Lou Phillips Robinson b.1926, spouse: Arthur Delmer Robinson b.1919

George Allen Placek b.1949, spouse: Joyce Ann Weikum b.1953
Placek         Johny Davie Placek, spouse: (1)Deborah Elizabeth Harris, b.1954. (2) Lana J Benge b.1925

Pogarman   Sanuel Pogarman

Poke           Poke Rosa Ada b.1895, spouse: Arthur Lee Brown Sr. b.1889

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- Q -

- R -
Rasberry      Ida Lavenia Rasberry b.1879, spouse: William Hardy Shows b.1880

Reaves        Dessie Odessie Reaves Frost, b.1891, spouse: Henry Irvin "Bud" Frost

Reed           Beverly Reed Adkins, spouse: Paul David Adkins

Reid            Janice Helen Reid Kerbow, spouse: Steve Lamar Kerbow

Riggins        Frances Riggins (Friend)

Roberts       Algie Roberts
Roberts       Littie Roberts

Robinson    Arthur Delmer Robinson b.1919, spouse: Mary Lou Phillips b. 1956

Russell       Betty Ann Russell Kerbow, spouse: John Robert Kerbow

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- S -
Sanders      James Carter 'Pete' Sanders b.1922, spouse: Selma Nadine Ketchens Frost Sanders b.1919
Sanders      Joann Sanders Bopp b.1943, spouse: Paul William Bopp b.1936
Sanders      Johnnie Louise Sanders Mills b.1947, spouse: Kenneth Mills b.1950
Sanders      Linda Fay Sanders Sandford b.1945, spouse: Ellis Wade Sanford b. 1945
Sanders      Sherwood Sanders b.1941, spouse: Malba Jean Gray b.1942
Sanders      Woodrow A Sanders b.1916, spouse: Bonnie Beatrices Kerbow b.1920

Schilling      Betty Jean Schilling Kerbow b.1933, spouse: Guindal Lamar Kerbow b.1931

Shields        Ptiman 'Larry' Lex Shields b.1933, spouse: Doris Emily Hardy b.1932
Shields        Lawona Charlene Shields, spouse: Russell Lee Cogley b.1960
Shields        Winona Celeste Shields Alsobrook, spouse: Shaun Alsobrook

Shows          Coy Calvin Shows b.1917, spouse: Dorothy Mae Kerbow Shows b.1913
Shows          William Hardy Shows b.1880, spouse: Ida Lavenia Rasberry b.1879

Sinclair         Ruth Margaret Sinclair b.1928, spouse: John Walter Placek b.1923

Smith           Bell Smith, spouse: not known
Smith           Ben Smith, spouse: not known
Smith           Jan_il Smith, spouse: not known
Smith           Mary Ann Smith Kerbow b.1841, spouse: John A Kerbow Sr. b.1828

Snapp         Brenda Gail Snapp Parks b.1947, spouse: William 'Bill" Russel Parks b.1944
Snapp         Elmer Dean Snapp 1925, spouse: Lorene Elizabeth Mullins

Spillers        Clifford Duval Spillers 1932, spouse: not known
Spillers        Earl Ray Spillers b.1937, spouse: not known
Spillers        James Edward Spillers b.1930, spouse: not known
Spillers        James Jefferson 'Jim' Spillers b.1901, spouse: Natie 'Nadia' Victoria Tedeton b.1905
Spillers        Joey Lee Spillers b.1971- 2001", spouse: Lessie Inez Jordan Spiller Clark 1973

Sprinkles     Alexander Sprinkles b.1861, spouse: Martha Jane Kerbow b.1859

Stamper      Patricia "Ethel" Dianne Stamper Jordan, spouse: Donald Lee Jordan

Strickland    Mary Elizabeth Strickland Green, spouse: Billy Ray Green
Strickland    Ray Jackson Strickland b.1923, spouse: Elizabeth Graham

Stringer       Beverly Cheryl Stringer Frost, spouse: Jerry Wayne Frost
Stringer       Gerald LaVern Stringer b.1927, spouse: Verla Mae Corley

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- T -

Tedeton      Cathey Tedeton Barfoot b.1951 , spouse: Charles Edwin Barfoot b.1943
Tedeton      Delores Jean 'Susie' Tedeton, spouse: Glenn Allen
Tedeton      Mary Inez Toady Tedeton Jordan b.1934, spouse: Don Lee Jordan 1931
Tedeton      Natie 'Nadia' Victoria Tedeton b.1905, spouse: James Jefferson 'Jim' Spillers b.1901

Thomas      Cindy Thomas Thompson B.1945, spouse: Thomas 'Tom' William Thompson

Thompson  Haley Noelle Thompson, songle
Thompson  Rebecca "Becky" Ann Thompson Jordan, spouse: Jimmy Dean Jordan
Thompson  Todd Douglas Thompson, spouse: Tina Louise Frost
Thompson  Thomas 'Tom' William Thompson spouses: (1) Carol June Thompson Haley, (2) Cindy Thomas Thompson

Tucker        Lester Marie Tucker Jennings Frost b.1922, spouse: Clifton R. Frost

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- U -
- V -

- W -
Wallace           Hazel Wallace Boyd Kerbow b.1913, spouses: (1) Mr. Boyd (2) David Ardell Kerbow b.1909

Weikum          Joyce Ann Weikum b.1953, spouse: George Allen Placek b.1949
Weikum          Korey Lynn Weikum b.1988, spouse: Heather J. Kerbow Weikum b.1987

Wilkes            Vera Charlene Wilkes Frost 1946, spouse: Derrall Irvin Frost 1946

Windsor         Barbara Fay Windsor Cobb b.1939, spouse: Nathan Sidney Cobb b.1941
Windsor         Jerry Willard Windsor b.1951, spouse: (1)Yvonne Griffith, (2)Karen King, (3)Vicky (maiden not known
Windsor         Peggy Genice Windsor Wray b.1943
Windsor         Willard "Willis" Windsor b.1914, Spouse: Helen Kerbow

Wood             Ronny Wood (Friend)

Woolie           Frankie Dean Woolie
Woolie           Ollie Faye Woolie Hardy 1932, spouse; Harry Clark Hardy I b.1929

Worthington  Charles Wayne Worthington b.1933, spouse: Ruby Elizabeth Adams Worthington b.1937
Worthington  Gale Worthington Frost, spouse: Kenneth Earl Adkins Frost
Worthington  John Tom Worthington b.1916, spouse: Verbie Herbie Kelley b.1917

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- X -
- Y -

- Z -
Zeagler         Nixon Humble L. Zeagler b.1918, spouse: Verdie Adrinnie Frost Sanders Zeagler 1921

Zuber           Betty Jane Carter Zuber b.1930, spouse: Willard Doyle Carter b.1924
Zuber           Joe Bob Zuber b.1936, spouse: Margaret B. (maiden not known) Zuber

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Wilkes / Day Surname List
Indexed by Surnames Name at birth.

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

SURNAME      Full Name birth and DOB if known

- A -
Atkins          Kelly Leigh Atkins Denton b.1960, spouse: John Joe 'Joey' Denton Jr. b.1955

- B -
Barker         Elsie Mae Barker Menn Johnson b.1922, spouse: Thurston Eugene Johnson b.1917

Barrington   Dorothy "Dot" Kathryn Barrington Wilkes b.1916, spouse: Edward Leonard Wilkes b.1921
Barrington   Jean M Barrington b.1917, spouse: not known

Barrington   Margaret Elizabeth Barrington b.1921, spouse: not known

Blackman    Mabell C Blackman Day b.1916, spouse: Claude Davis Day b.1909

- C -
Carwile       Johnnie A Carwile b.1889, spouse: Walter 'Pop' Arthur Lytle b.1882

Cosby         Ludell Cosby Wilkes b.1889, spouse: John Solomon Wilkes II b.1881

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- D -
Day             Claude Davis Day b.1909, spouse: Mabell C Blackman Day b.1916
Day             Dawn Corine Day Raddatz Robb 1936, spouse: (1) Otto Erwin Raddatz Jr. b.1931 (2)William Howard Robb
Day             Donald Drew Day b.1928, spouse: Barbara Dolores Cochran b.1932
Day             Lola Louise Day Wilkes b.1914, spouse; John Solomon "Sol" Wilkes III
Day             Marjori 'Marge' Ann Day Milutis 1940, spouse: John Jay Paul Milutis
Day             Roy Pearl Day Jr. b.1906, spouse: Amelia Ida "Marge" Hayn Day Hannon b.1906
Day             Roy Russell Day b.1945, spouse: (1) Patricia Klekner Day
Day             Stephen Alan Day b.1967
Day             Vera Corinne Day Godwin b.1929, spouse: Byron Rowan "Pat" Godwin Sr. b.1924

Denton        Duane Allen Denton b.1962, spouse: Charlene Sue Reed Denton Cook
Denton        Garrett Wesley Denton, spouse: Molly Peeler
Denton        John Joe 'Joey' Denton Jr., spouse: Kelly Leigh Atkins Denton b.1960
Denton        John Joe Denton Sr. b. 1941, spouse: Sylvia Ann Wilkes
Denton        Joseph Cole Denton, spouse: not known
Denton        Mark Steve Denton, spouse: Mary Virginia Dickerson b.1960
Denton        Richard Scott Denton b.1963, spouse: (1)Kristie Lyn Stanley b.1966, (2)Susan D Smart b.1970,

Dickson       Dickie Lee Dickson, spouse: Mary Teresa Wilkes

Dunlap        Annie Laurie Dunlap b.1898, spouse: John Francis Brand b.1885
Dunlap        Cora Vera Dunlap Day Lytle b.1886, spouses: (1) Roy Pearl Day Sr. b.1883 (2)Walter 'Pop' Arthur Lytle b.1882

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- E -
- F -

- G -
Godwin       Alicia Godwin b.1962, spouse: not known
Godwin       Byron Rowan "Pat" Godwin Sr. b.1902, spouse: Vera Corinne Day Godwin b.1929
Godwin       Linda DiAnne Godwin, spouse: Lee Grassia

- H -
Hayn           Amelia Ida "Marge" Hayn Day Hannon b.1906", spouse: Roy Pearl Day Jr. b.1906

Hicks           Joshua Edgar Hicks b.1904, spouse: not known

- I -

- J -
Jerkins       David Malcom Jerkins, spouse: Vickie Elaine Tinsley
Jerkins       Mark Shane Jerkins, spouse: not known
Jerkins       Melvin Malcom Jerkins b.1921, spouse: Robbie DeLoraine Wilkes
Jerkins       Oliver 'Tang' Lee Jerkins b.1924, spouse: Ruth Thomson Rhodes b.1928
Jerkins       Paul Allen Jerkins, spouse: Mary Palada Porter

Johnson     Dennis Alan Menn Johnson b.1945, spouse: not known
Johnson     Robert Larry Menn Johnson b.1941, spouse: Sylvia Ann Wilkes Johnson b.1938

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- K -
Klekner        Patricia Klekner Day, spouse: Roy Russell Day b.1945

- L -
Lytle           Walter 'Pop' Arthur Lytle b.1882, spouse: (1) Johnnie A Carwile (2) Cora Vera Dunlap Day Lytle b.1886

- M -
Mehl           Max (Maxine) Mehl (family friend)

Menn          Dennis Alan Menn Johnson b.1945, spouse: not known
Menn          Robert Larry Menn Johnson b.1941, spouse: Sylvia Ann Wilkes Denton Johnson b.1938

Moralez      Florence Camilo y Soto De Moralez Wilkes, spouse: John Solomon "Sol" Wilkes III b.1906

Milutis        John Jay Paul Milutis, spouse; Marjori 'Marge' Day Milutis

- N -
Noblitt        Joseph L Noblitt b.1913, spouse: Grace L (maiden unknown) Noblitt

- O -

- P -
Penhorwood Eleanor "Nori" Marguerite Penhorwood Wilkes b.1939, spouse: Terry Gene Wilkes b.1941

- Q -

- R -
Raddatz     Otto Erwin Raddatz Jr. b.1931, spouse: Dawn Corine Day Raddatz Robb 1936

Reed          Charlene Sue Reed Denton Cook b.1963, spouse: Duane Allen Denton b.1962-1999

Redding     Ida Lee (Cosby Hicks Noblitt) Redding b.1873, spouse: Alonzo Cosby b.1869

Robb          William Howard Robb, spouse:Dawn Corine Day Raddatz Robb 1936

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- S -

- T -
Tinsley       Vickie Elaine Tinsley Jerkins b.1954, spouse, David Malcom Jerkins 1948

Thomas     Alann Lynn Thomas, spouse: not known
Thomas     Michael 'Mike' Joseph Thomas b.1952- 1955

- U -
- V -

- W -
Wilkes       Edward Leonard Wilkes b.1921, spouse: Dorothy "Dot" Kathryn Barrington Wilkes b.1916
Wilkes       Edith Kathryn 'Tommie' Wilkes b.1965, spouse: James Joseph Gomez b.1957
Wilkes       Frank Littleton Wilkes b.1878, spouse; not known
Wilkes       James Madison Wilkes b.1910, spouse: Maggie Leonia Morgan Crevisour Wilkes b.1910
Wilkes       John Solomon Wilkes II b.1881, spouse: Ludell Cosby Wilkes b.1889
Wilkes       John Solomon 'Sol' Wilkes III b.1906, spouse: Lola Louise Day
Wilkes       John 'Buddy' Solomon Wilkes IV b.1937spouse: none
Wilkes       Lillian Beatrice Wilkes b.1908, spouse: (1)Craig Harrison, (2)Eddie Duke Hoover, (3) John Thomas Bufore b.1919, (4)John B. Walzer, (5, 6, 7, unk)
Wilkes       Marianna Wilkes Thomas Barhite b.1930, spouse: Josaph 'Bobby' M. Thomas
Wilkes       Mary Teresa Wilkes Dickson, spouse: (1) Dickie Lee Dickson
Wilkes       Robbie DeLoraine Wilkes Jerkins b.1925, spouse; Melvin Malcom Jerkins b.1921
Wilkes       Sylvia Ann Wilkes Johnson b.1938, spouses: John Joe Denton Sr. b. 1941, James H Parker, Robert Larry Menn Johnson b.1941
Wilkes       Terry Gene Wilkes, spouse: Eleanor "Nori" Marguerite Penhorwood Wilkes b.1939
Wilkes       Vera Charlene Wilkes Frost b.1944, spouse: Derrall Irvin Frost 1946

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- Z -

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