Frost / Kerbow & Wilkes / Day Surname Index
Frost / Kerbow & Wilkes / Day Photo Collection Surname Index

DAY Dawn C.
KERBOW reunions
Wilkes JS IV
This index is divided into the Frost/Kerbow (my side) and Wilkes/Day (the wifes side) of the family
This Listing is indexed by Surname at Birth if known.
Any changes in that surname due to marriage, divorce, adoptions
or you're out of favor with your parents, will be included after the Birth name.
Frost / Kerbow Surname List

Wilkes / Day Surname List

Frost / Kerbow Surname List
Indexed by Surnames Name at birth.

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SURNAME      Full Name at birth and DOB if known

- A -
Adams           Ruby Elizabeth Adams Worthington b.1937, spouse: Charles Wayne Worthington b.1933

Adkins           Dean Adkins b.1944, spouse: Lajuana Kay McDowell b.1946
Adkins           Gordie "Junior" Adkins Jr. , spouse: Frankie Nell
Adkins           Gordy Adkins Sr. b.1911, spouse: Gladys Frost Adkins Sanders b.1924
Adkins           Kenneth Earl Adkins Frost, spouse: Gale Worthington
Adkins           Larry Wayne "Peanut" Adkins 1947, spouse: Joan L. Phillips
Adkins           Linda Gail Adkins Rowel
Adkins           Paul David Adkins, spouse: Beverly Reed Adkins
Adkins           Rose Adkins Craighead b.1880, spouse: Benjamin Michael 'Ben' Craighead b.1873
Adkins           Rose Mary Adkins Nolan 1950, spouse: Tony Gray Nolan
Adkins           Sharon Renee Adkins Simpson, spouse: Douglas Lynn Simpson

Albert             Sylvia Albert b.1938, spouse: Alford "Tiny" Ray Kerbow b.1939

Albritten         Gerald Albritten, spouse: Kathy Batterton
Albritten         Milton B. Albritten b.1933, spouse: (1)Bonnie Valerie Jordan 1936-1984

Alley               Edger Lee Alley b.1896, spouse: Florence Marie Kerbow b.1901

Alsobrook      Breanne Alsobrook
Alsobrook      Shaun Lynn Alsobrook b.1965, spouse: Winona Celeste Shields

Arrant           Richard B. Arrant b.1967, spouse: not known

Avery             Melinda 'Lizzie' Elizabeth Avery Blazier b.1892 spouse: Louis Eugene Blazier b.1882

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- B -
Banks             Jeanette Banks Jordan b.1935, spouse: Arnold Gene Jordan Sr.

Barfoot           Charles Edwin Barfoot b.1943, spouse: Cathey Tedeton Barfoot b.1951

Barnes           Virginia Blewett Barnes b.1876, spouse: Russell Park Kerbow b.1876

Batterton       Kathy Batterton Albritton, spouse: Gerald Albritten

Bearden        Willard Alfred 'Al' Bearden b.1921, spouse: Johnnie Emma Ferguson b.1925

Benge           Lana J Benge Laird b.1952, spouse: Johny Davie Placek b.1949

Bevans           Jessie Velma Bevans Swaithes b.1907, spouse: Alvin Castello Swaithes b.1905

Blazier           Aletha Jeanette Blazier Parish b.1913, spouse: Ogen Mogden 'Audie' Parrish b.1905
Blazier           Bettie Mae Blazier b.1922, spouse: not known
Blazier           Daniel Kenneth Blazier, single
Blazier           Gladys B Blazier b.1931, spouse: unkown
Blazier           Henry Calvin Blazier Sr b.1914, spouse: Johnnie Ellen Green b.1918
Blazier           Johnnie Eugene 'Gene' Blazier b.1937, spouse: Sylvia Rea Frost
Blazier           Jason Daniel Blazier, spouse: Kathryne Blazier Champagne
Blazier           Josephine Blazier b.1927, spouse: unkown
Blazier           Kathleen Blazier b.1916, spouse: unkown
Blazier           Oscar Lee Blazier b.1919, spouse: Hazel Rushing b.1928
Blazier           Robert 'Bob' David Blazier b.1941, spouse: Ruth Edna Berry b. 1943
Blazier           Thomas Armand Blazier b.1929, spouse: unkown

Boler              Ernestine Boler Robertson Green b.1933, spouse: Otto Clifton Green

Bopp              Kemberly Bopp, single
Bopp              Paul William Bopp b.1936, spouse: Joann Sanders

Branch           Tennessee Permelia Branch 1864.htm, spouse: James Beauregard Shows b.1862

Brown            Alice Jeanette Brown b.1897, spouse: Olen James Neighbors b.1894
Brown            Arthur Lee Brown Sr. b.1889, spouse: Poke Rosa Ada b.1895
Brown            Arthur Lee 'Junior' Brown Jr. (b. ABT 1926), spouse: not known
Brown            Clarence Lee Brown b.1921, spouse: not known
Brown            Clyde Henry Brown b.1923, spouse: Alma Fern Winans Goddard Brown b.1922
Brown            Horace David Brown Sr. b.1912, spouse: Ara Jane Hutchins b.1912
Brown            Horace David Brown Jr. b.1935, spouse: not known
Brown            Edith Pauline Brown b.1918
Brown            Joseph Olen Brown b.1914, spouse: Virgie Lee Glissen b.1913
Brown            Lillie Brown Norman b.1870, spouse: Thomas Franklin Norman b.1862
Brown            Lillie Alva Brown Foreman Brummett b.1904, spouse: Hollis H. Foreman b.1901
Brown            Samuel 'Sam' Houston Brown b.1893, spouse: Edna Frost b.1893
Brown            Valla Mea Brown b.1916, spouse: not known

Butts             C.L. Butts abt 1922, friend of H.I Frost (USN)

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- C -
Carter            Judy Doylene Carter b.1948, spouse: Carl Shannon Frost
Carter            Willard Doyle Carter b.1924, spouse: Betty Jane Carter Zuber b.1930

Carson          Ellen Clinton Carson Frost 1832, spouse: Oliver Jasper Frost 1823

Casola          Dean Anthony Casola b.1964, spouse: Wanda Denise Frost Casola
Casola          Dean Jacob Casola b.1993, spouse: Rebecca 'Becca' Erin Dupuy b.1994
Casola          Derek Anthony Casola 1988, spouse: Lauren Elizabeth Daily b.1989

Cobb             Gordon N. Cobb, spouse: not known
Cobb             Kathryn Genice Cobb McVey b.1952, spouse: Ronaldo "Ronnie" Eli Escobar b.1958
Cobb             Nathan Sidney Cobb b.1941, spouse: Barbara Fay Windsor
Cobb             Ronnan Eileene Cobb Moffett b.1960, spouse: Reginald E Moffett

Cogley           Nathan Bradly Cogley, single
Corley            Verla Mae Corley Stringer b.1927, spouse: Gerald LaVern Stringer

Craighead     Benjamin Michael 'Ben' Craighead b.1873, spouse: Rose Adkins Craighead b.1880

Culverhouse   Irene "Polly" Culverhouse Frost 1924, spouse: JD Frost b.1917

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- D -
Daily             Lauren Elizabeth Daily Casola b.1989, spouse: Derek Anthony Casola 1988

Dickson         Patsie Jean Dickson Relation: not known, probably from the Brown Family
Dickson         Robert Dickson Relation: not known, probably from the Brown Family
Dickson         Roy Dickson Relation: not known, probably from the Brown Family

Drinnan         Mark Kevin Drinnan b.1973, spouse: Tina Louise Frost Drinnan Thompson
Drinnan         Dawn and Paul Paterson
Drinnan         Sophie Jane Drinnan,
Drinnan         Jack Cameron Drinnan,

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- E -
Eddins          Thaddous Pope Eddins Sr. b.1866, spouse: Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie' Kerbow b.1878

Ellis               Nicoshia Shylynn Ellis Parks, spouse: Bryan Lee Parks

Evett             Martha Ella Evett Kerbow b.1872 spouse: William Russell Kerbow b.1869

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- F -
Feeback       Ginger Feeback (Friend)

Ferguson     Johnnie Emma Ferguson Bearden b.1925, spouse: Willard Alfred 'A' Bearden

Finley           Jimmie Juanita Finley Middleton b.1933, spouse: James Franklin Middleton

Fleming       William 'Bill' M.Fleming b.1886, spouse: Ossie Fleming b.1894

Foreman       Hollis Herman Foreman b.1902, spouse: Lillie Alva Brown Foreman Brummett b.1904

Frost             Alice Augusta Frost b.1854, spouse: John Harless Frost b.1848
Frost             Alton "Jack" Frost b.1914, spouse: (1) Selma Nadine Ketchens , (2) Mattie Lou Pat McGahee
Frost             Amanda Frost Allen Bell, spouse: not known
Frost             Benjamin "Benjy" Derrall Frost, spouse: Becky Ann Parks
Frost             Brenda Jean Frost Patrick b.1956, spouse: James M Patrick b.1955
Frost             Carl Shannon Frost b.1949, spouse: Judy Doylene Carter b.1948
Frost             Caryolyn Mavis Frost Millien b.1951, spouse: George Tim Millien b. 1949
Frost             Clifton R. Frost b.1915, spouse: Marie L. Tucker Jennings
Frost             Derrall Irvin Frost b.1946, spouse: Vera Charlene Wilkes b.1944
Frost             Docia Frost Robinson b.1889, spouse: George Ezra Robinson b.1877
Frost             Edna Frost Brown b.1893, spouse: Samuel 'Sam' Houston Brown b.1893
Frost             Edger Ardine Frost b.1860 , spouse: unknown
Frost             Ethel Mae Frost b.1940, spouse: Billy Clyde Nichols b.1934 (2)Mr. Boggs, (3)Mile Dye
Frost             Emmett Edwin Frost 1853, spouse: Margaret 'Maggi' McElroy b. 1866
Frost             Gertha Mae Frost b.1932, spouse: (1)Richard Bennett Arrant Jr. b.1929 (2)Oliver Cleveland Tedeton b.1910
Frost             Gladys Frost Adkins Sanders b.1924, spouse: Gordie Adkins Sr. b1911
Frost             Henry Irvin "Bud" Frost 2nd b.1893, spouse: Dessie Odessie Reaves Frost, b.1891
Frost             Henry Irvin "Junior" Frost 3rd b. 1920, spouse: Thelma 'Peggy' Kerbow Frost b.1918
Frost             JD Frost b.1917, spouse: Irene "Polly" Culverhouse
Frost             Jerry Wayne Frost b.1949, spouse: Beverly Cheryl Stringer
Frost             Janna Chantrell Frost b.1975, spouse: SPOUSES FULL NAME+DOB
Frost             Jesse George Frost b. 1850, spouse: Margaret L. Garrett b.1858
Frost             John Harless Frost b.1848, spouses:Alice Augusta Frost b.1854
Frost             Johnny 'John' Ray Frost b.1952, spouse:Amy Weathers Frost b.1962
Frost             John William Mae Frost 1882, spouse: Nancy E Kelly b.1846
Frost             Kenneth Earl Adkins Frost, spouse: Gale Worthington
Frost             Liller Mary Frost Green Fleming b.1930, spouses: (1) Otto Clifton Green
Frost             Lucien Larche Frost b.1878, spouse: Emily Lena Weems b.1881
Frost             Marion Elbert Frost b.1844, spouse: Nancy Emma Kelly 1846
Frost             Marion Elmer Frost b.1919, spouse: Verda Neighbors b.1919
Frost             Mary Rebecca Frost b.1866 , spouse: unknown
Frost             Marce Other "Big Boy" Frost b.1926, spouse: Yvonne Mavis Graves
Frost             Marvin Odis 'Skeeter' Frost b.1926, spouse: Farris Jean Graves
Frost             Milton Jerome Frost b.1957 , spouse: unknown
Frost             Oliver Jasper Frost 1826-1914, spouse: Ellen Clinton Carson Frost 1832
Frost             Palmer Brayland Frost b.1939, spouse: Coletha Joan Bain b.1938
Frost             Rodney Eugene Frost b.1972, spouse: Trinetta Jamie Talbert b. unk
Frost             Shawn Jeremy Frost, spouse: not known
Frost             Shirley Ann Frost McKinney b.1936, spouse: Cecil Van McKinney Sr b.1914
Frost             Sylvia Rea Frost Blazier b.1941, spouse: Johnnie Eugene "Gene" Blazier
Frost             Theresa D Frost b.unk, spouse: > unknown
Frost             Tina Louise Frost Drinnan Thompson, spouses: (1)Mark Kevin Drinnan (2)Todd Douglas Thompson
Frost             Verdie Adrinnie Frost Sanders Zeagler b.1921>, spouse: Nixon Humble L. Zeagler
Frost             Wanda Denise Frost Casola, spouse: Dean Anthony Casola
Frost             William Ernest Frost b.1862 , spouse: unknown
Frost             Wilson Carson Frost b.1966 , spouse: unknown

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- G -
Graves         Benny Ray Graves b.1947, spouse: Barbara J Lunsford Hicks
Graves         Ellen Graves Crowe b.1941, spouse: not known
Graves         Farris Jean Graves Frost b.1935, spouse: Marvin Odis "Skeeter" Frost
Graves         John Ardis Graves b.1930, spouse: Betty Lou Irby B.1940
Graves         Margie A Graves b.1938, spouse: unkmown
Graves         Patricia 'Pat' Graves Mathes b.1950, spouse: not known
Graves         Robert E. Graves b.1910, spouse: Thelma Louise Moncrief 1913
Graves         Sandra Graves Lamb b.1944, spouse: not known
Graves         Yvonne Mavis Graves Frost b.1932, spouse: Marce Other "Big Boy" Frost

Green           Billy Ray Green, spouse: Mary Elizabeth Stricklin
Green           C. E. Green
Green           Johnnie Ellen Green Blazier b.1918, spouse: Henry Calvin Blazier Sr b.1914
Green           Otto Clifton Green b.1923, spouses: (1)Liller Mary Frost (2)Ernestine Boler Robertson

Grigg            Maggie Grigg Kerbow b.1903, spouse David Ardell Kerbow

Grimes         Clara Mary Grimes Kerbow b.1901, spouse: Henry David Kerbow

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- H -
Hardy           Brandon Kirk Hardy b.1984, spouse: Amanda (maiden unk)
Hardy           David Earl Hardy
Hardy           Dean Warnock Hardy b.1927, spouse: Ruth Jo Ann Leasure b.1936
Hardy           Denisa Michelle Hardy, spouse: not known
Hardy           Doris Hardy Shields b.1932, spouse: Pitman 'Larry' Lex Shields
Hardy           Harry Clark Hardy #1 b.1929, spouse: (1) Maria E. Morales b.1919,  (2) Ollie Faye Woolie
Hardy           Harry Clark Hardy #2 b.1986, spouse: not known
Hardy           Harry Dean Hardy b.1951, spouse: Rosemary Montez b. 1965
Hardy           Rebecca "Becky" Deann Hardy Villatoro b.1964, Spouse: Oskar 'George' Armando Villatoro

Harper         Luther F Harper

Hulsey         Danny Husley, friend

Hutchins       Ara Jane Hutchins b.1912 , spouse: Horace David Brown Sr. b.1935

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- I -

- J -
Johnson      Howard Johnson abt 1918

Johnston       Marguerite 'Margie' Graham Johnston b.1902 , spouse: John Gabrial Newswanger Jr. b.1899

Jordan         Alan Dwayne Jordan b.1955, spouse: Anita McGrew Truman b. abt 1955
Jordan         Arnold Gene Jordan Sr. b.1933, spouse: Jeanette Banks
Jordan         Arnold Gene Jordan Jr. , spouse: Terri McGee
Jordan         Bonnie Valerie Jordan Albritten b.1936, spouse: Milton B. Albritten
Jordan         Don Lee Jordan b.1931, spouse: Mary Inez Toady Tedeton Jordan b.1934
Jordan         Donald Lee Jordan b.1952, spouse: Patricia "Ethel" Dianne Stamper
Jordan         Harvey Lee Jordan b.1907, spouse: Irene Kerbow Jordan b.1911
Jordan         Jarrod Michael Jordan, single
Jordan         Jimmy Dean Jordan b.1943, spouse: Rebecca 'Becky' Ann Thompson
Jordan         Kathy Lynn Jordan Walters, spouse: Don Walters
Jordan         Lessie Inez Jordan Spiller Clark 1973, spouse: (1)Joel Lee Spillers b.1971-2001, (2)Jamey Clark
Jordan         Tracy Dean Jordan b.1969, spouse: (1) Jennifer Winfrey Day, (2) Shannon T (maiden unk) b. 1968

Jung            Carol Ann June Haley Thompson, spouse: Tom William Thompson b.1942
Jung            Clyde Willmer Jung b.1942, spouse: unknown

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- K -
Kelly             Nancy Emma Kelly Frost b.1846, spouse: Marion Elbert Frost b.1844

Kerbow         Abelina Abbie Kirbow Lusby b.1903, spouse: Joseph Swan Lusby b.1900
Kerbow         Alexander Andrew Jackson Kerbow 1867Laura Frances Griffin 1841
Kerbow         Alford "Tiny" Ray Kerbow b.1939, spouse: Sylvia Albert b.1938
Kerbow         Bonnie Beatrices Kerbow Sanders b.1920, spouse: Woodrow A Sanders b.1916
Kerbow         Boyce Earl Kerbow b.1909, spouse: Winnie Pearl Rorie b.1912
Kerbow         Bradley Scott Kerbow b.1961 & Barbra J. b.1962
Kerbow         Buena Vista Kerbow Middleton b.1905, spouse: William Cleo Middleton b.1904
Kerbow         Charles Redmond Kerbow b.1872, spouse: 1. Sarah F Little b.1872. 2. Mary Magdalena Brewer b.1881
Kerbow         David Ardell Kerbow b.1909, spouses: (1) Maggie Girgg, (2) Hazel Wallace Boyd
Kerbow         Dock Layne Kerbow b.1883, spouse: Ruby LaCappell Hicks b.1887
Kerbow         Dorothy Mae Kerbow Shows b.1913, spouse: Coy Calvin Shows b.1917
Kerbow         Florence Marie Kerbow Allen b.1901, spouse: Edger Lee Alley b.1898
Kerbow         Floyd Jearald Kerbow b.1936, spouse: Sue Bess Long b.1937
Frank David Kerbow b.1905, spouse: (1)Vivian Sue Wimberley b.1909, (2)Dorothy 'Dot' Lucille Wimberley b.
Kerbow         Gladys Kerbow Hardy b.1903, spouse: Francis Albert Hardy, b.1902
Kerbow         Green Marshall Kerbow b.1846, spouse: Margaret A. Francis Elsberry b.1847
Kerbow         Guindal Lamar Kerbow b.1931, spouse: Betty Jean Schilling Kerbow b.1933"
Kerbow         Heather J. Kerbow Weikum b.1987, spouse: Korey Lynn Weikum b.1988
Kerbow         Helen Kerbow Windsor b.1926, spouse: Willard Windsor
Kerbow         Henry David Kerbow Sr. b.1897, spouse: Clara Mary Grimes
Kerbow         Henry David Kerbow Jr. b.1920, spouse: not known
Kerbow         Henry Walter Kerbow b.1880, spouse: Jessie Eugenia Love b.1881
Kerbow         Herbert Lawrence Kerbow b.1909, spouse: not known
Kerbow         Hortence Idella Kerbow b.1916, spouse: Weldon Claude Humphreys
Kerbow         Irene Kerbow Jordan b.1911, spouse: Harvey Lee Jordan
Kerbow         James Turner Kerbow 1962, spouse: Junne Lane Marable 1943
Kerbow         Jerrell Joe Kerbow b.1925-1927
Kerbow         John A Kerbow Sr. b.1828, spouse: Mary Ann Smith b.1841
Kerbow         John Edward Kerbow Sr b.1895, spouse: Rosa Lee Forehand b.1896
Kerbow         John Robert Kerbow b.1933, spouse: Betty Ann Russell
Kerbow         Kipp Turner Kerbow 1964, spouse: Yvonne M. Hiott
Kerbow         Lodie Kerbow Greer b.1934, spouse: Glenn Napoleon Greer b.1935
Kerbow         Maggie Modine Kerbow 1901, spouse: James Monroe Forhand
Kerbow         Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie' Kerbow b.1878, spouse: Thaddous Pope Eddins Sr. b.1866
Kerbow         Martha Jane Kerbow b.1859, spouse: Alexander Sprinkles b.1861
Kerbow         Phillis Darlene Kerbow Hutson, spouse: William D. Hutson
Kerbow         Robert Allen Kerbow b.1896, spouse: Susie May Bennett b.1902
Kerbow         Royce Barnard Kerbow b.1923-1940
Kerbow         Russell Park Kerbow b.1876, spouse: Virginia Blewett Barnes b.1876
Kerbow         Sandra K Kerbow, spouse: not known
Kerbow         Steve Lamar Kerbow b.1952, spouse: Janice Helen Reid
Kerbow         Solomon David Kerbow Sr b.1861, spouse: Mary Ann Smith Kerbow 1841
Kerbow         Tammy Lynn Kerbow b.1960, spouse: not known
Kerbow         Thelma 'Peggy' Kerbow Frost b.1918, spouse: Henry Irvin "Junior" Frost 3rd b.1920
Kerbow         Thomas 'Tom' Monroe Kerbow b.1874, spouse: (1)Jimmie McCrutchen, (2)Helen Webb B.1875
Kerbow         William Russell Kerbow b.1869, spouse: Martha Ella Evett Kerbow b.1872

Ketchens     Selma Nadine Ketchens Frost Sanders b.1919, spouse: (1) Alton 'Jack' Frost (2) James Carter 'Pete' Sanders

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- L -
Lasure         Ruth Joann Lasure Hardy b.1932, spouse: Dean Warnock Hardy b.1927

Love             Jessie Eugenia Love Kerbow b.1981, spouse: Henry Walter Kerbow b.1880
Love             John Roger Love b.1891, spouse: Cora Belle Johnson Love b.1902
Love             Roger Earl Love b.1916, spouse: Billie Mae Sandelich Love b.1922

Lunsford       Barbara J Lunsford Hicks Graves, spouse: Benny Ray Graves

Lusby           Joseph Swan Lusby b.1900, spouse: Abelina Abbie b.1903

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- M -
Malone           Tennessee "Tinnie"Malone b.1861, spouse: Jonathon "John" Green Shelton

McDowell       Lajuana Kay McDowell 1946, spouse: Dean Adkins b.1944

McGahee       Mattie Lou Pat McGahee Mayo Frost b.1914, spouse: (1)Harvey Andrew Mayo b.1901. (2)Alton "Jack" Frost

McGee          Terri McGee Jordan, spouse: Arnold Gene Jordan Jr.

McGrew        Anita McGrew Truman b. abt 1955, spouse: Alan Dwayne Jordan b.1955

McKinney     Cecil Van McKinney Sr. b.1914, spouse: Shirley Ann Frost McKinney b.1936

Melvin           David E Melvin , Friend

Middleton     James Franklin Middleton b.1926, spouse: Jimmie Juanita Finley
Middleton     James Michael 'Mack' Middleton, spouse: not known
Middleton     William Cleo Middleton b.1904, spouse: Buena Vista Kerbow b.1905
Middleton     Vickie Jane Middleton, spouse: not known

Minkler         Russell John Minkler b1963 aka: Russell Oliver Roy Jr.

Moncrief      Thelma Louise Graves Moncrief 1913, spouse: Robert E Graves b.1910

Mooney       Joshua Aaron Mooney, spouse: Hope Ann-Marie Parks

Moore          Huie Moore

Moore         Verna May Moore 1946, spouse #1: Jimmy Dean Jordan b.1943, spouse: #2 Mr Leach

Morales       Petra Maria E. Morales Hardy b.1919, spouse: Harry Clark Hardy I b.1929

Mullins         Lorene Elizabeth Mullins Snapp b.1928, spouse: Elmer Dean Snapp b.1925

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- N -
Neighbors    Bobby Darrell Neighbors b.1936, spouse: Edna M. unkown DOB
Neighbors    Odell Jessie Neighbors b.1917, spouse: Vivian Lipsey b 1925
Neighbors    Olen James Neighbors b.1894, spouse: Alice Jeanette Brown b.1897
Neighbors    Randall Eugene Neighbors b.1943, spouse: Eudine Starlin Honeycutt b.1942
Neighbors    Verda Neighbors Frost b.1919, spouse: Marion Elmer Frost b.1919
Neighbors    William Eldridge Neighbors b.1870, spouse: Mattie Susan Carmichael b.1875

Nell              Frankie Nell Adkins, spouse: Gordie "Junior" Adkins Jr.

Newnam      Lola May and Louie Newman

Newswanger Agnes Newswanger Pritchard, spouse: Bob Pritchard
Newswanger Donald Wayne Newswanger n.1922, spouse: SPOUSES'S FULL NAME+DOB
Newswanger John Gabrial Newswanger Jr. b.1899, spouse: Marguerite 'Margie' Graham Johnston b.1902
Newswanger Warren John Newswanger b.1927, spouse: unknown
Newswanger Donald Wayne Newswanger b.1922, spouse: SPOUSES'S FULL NAME+DOB

Nichols        Billy Clyde Nichols b.1934, spouse: Ethel Mae Frost b.1940

Nolan          Tony Gray Nolan, spouse: Rose Mary Adkins

Norman      Thomas Franklin Norman b.1862, spouse: Lillie Brown b.1862

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- O -

- P -
Parks           Becky Ann Parks Frost spouse: Benjamin "Benjy" Derrall Frost
Parks           Bret Nacoma-Dean Parks,
Parks           Bryan Lee Parks, spouse: (1)Nicoshia Shylynn Ellis
Parks           Hope Ann-Marie Parks Mooney, spouse: Joshua Aaron Mooney
Parks           William 'Bill' Russel Parks b.1944, spouse: Brenda Gail Snapp b.1947

Patrick         Anna Patrick, spouse: not known
Patrick         Jame Patrick Etheridge, spouse: not known
Patrick         Kara Lynn Patrick Williams, spouse: not known

Peterman    Buster and Jimmie Peterman, friends (owner "Supreme Bedding and Furniture", West Monroe, La )

Phillips        Geory J Phillips
Phillips         Mary Lou Phillips Robinson b.1926, spouse: Arthur Delmer Robinson b.1919

Placek         Brittany Placek, spouse: Jason Simank
Placek         George Allen Placek b.1949, spouse: Joyce Ann Weikum b.1953
Placek         Johny Davie Placek, spouse: (1) Deborah Elizabeth Harris, b.1954. (2) Lana J Benge b.1951

Pogarman   Sanuel Pogarman

Poke            Poke Rosa Ada b.1895, spouse: Arthur Lee Brown Sr. b.1889

Pratt             Hellen Pratt unk, spouse: unknown

Pritchard      Bob Pritchard, spouse: Agnes Newswanger Pritchard

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- Q -

- R -
Rasberry      Ida Lavenia Rasberry b.1879, spouse: William Hardy Shows b.1880

Reaves        Dessie Odessie Reaves Frost, b.1891, spouse: Henry Irvin "Bud" Frost

Reed           Beverly Reed Adkins, spouse: Paul David Adkins

Reid            Janice Helen Reid Kerbow, spouse: Steve Lamar Kerbow

Riggin         Frances Riggin (Friend)

Roberts       Algie Roberts
Roberts       Littie Roberts

Robinson     Arthur Delmer Robinson b.1919, spouse: Mary Lou Phillips b. 1956
Robinson     Martha Rebecca Robinson Willison 1887, spouse:Arthur Lamar Willison b.1883

Rorie           Winnie Pearl Rorie b.1912, spouse: Boyce Earl Kerbow b.1909

Roy              Lily Louise Roy,
Roy              Russell Oliver Roy Jr. b1963 spouse: never married

Russell        Betty Ann Russell Kerbow, spouse: John Robert Kerbow

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- S -
Sandelich     Billie Mae Sandelich Love b.1922, spouse: Roger Earl Love b.1916

Sanders      James Carter 'Pete' Sanders b.1922, spouse: Selma Nadine Ketchens Frost Sanders b.1919
Sanders      Joann Sanders Bopp b.1943, spouse: Paul William Bopp b.1936
Sanders      Johnnie Louise Sanders Mills b.1947, spouse: Kenneth Mills b.1950
Sanders      Linda Fay Sanders Sandford b.1945, spouse: Ellis Wade Sanford b. 1945
Sanders      Sherwood Sanders b.1941, spouse: Malba Jean Gray b.1942
Sanders      Woodrow A Sanders b.1916, spouse: Bonnie Beatrices Kerbow b.1920

Schilling      Betty Jean Schilling Kerbow b.1933, spouse: Guindal Lamar Kerbow b.1931

Shelton       Jonathon "John" Green Shelton, spouse: Tennessee "Tinnie"Malone b.1861

Shields        Lawona Charlene Shields, spouse: Russell Lee Cogley b.1960
Shields        Pitman 'Larry' Lex Shields b.1933, spouse: Doris Emily Hardy b.1932
Shields        Winona Celeste Shields Alsobrook, spouse: Shaun Alsobrook
Shields        Wilbur Aubrey Shields Sr. b.1910, spouse: Katy May Taibbit b. 1912

Shows           Coy Calvin Shows b.1917, spouse: Dorothy Mae Kerbow Shows b.1913
Shows           James Beauregard Shows b.1862, spouse: Tennessee Permelia Branch 1864.htm
Shows           James Madison Shows b.1815, spouse: Sarah Thames 1820
Shows           William Hardy Shows b.1880, spouse: Ida Lavenia Rasberry b.1879
Shows           Vashtie M 'Vasti' Shows b.1873, spouse: George Washington Strickland 1865

Simpson     Douglas Lynn Simpson, spouse: Sharon Renee Adkins Simpson

Smith           Bell Smith, spouse: not known

Smith           Ben Smith, spouse: not known
Smith           Jan_il Smith, spouse: not known
Smith           Mary Ann Smith Kerbow b.1841, spouse: John A Kerbow Sr. b.1828

Simank         Jason Simank, spouse: Brittany Placek

Sinclair         Ruth Margaret Sinclair b.1928, spouse: John Walter Placek b.1923

Snapp         Brenda Gail Snapp Parks b.1947, spouse: William 'Bill" Russel Parks b.1944
Snapp         Elmer Dean Snapp 1925, spouse: Lorene Elizabeth Mullins b.1928
Snapp         Penny Odell Snapp b.1950, spouse: unknown

Spillers        Clifford Duval Spillers 1932, spouse: not known
Spillers        Earl Ray Spillers b.1937, spouse: not known
Spillers        James Edward Spillers b.1930, spouse: not known
Spillers        James Jefferson 'Jim' Spillers b.1901, spouse: Natie 'Nadia' Victoria Tedeton b.1905
Spillers        Joey Lee Spillers b.1971- 2001", spouse: Lessie Inez Jordan Spiller Clark 1973

Sprinkles     Alexander Sprinkles b.1861, spouse: Martha Jane Kerbow b.1859

Spurlock      Margaret Ellen Spurlock Robinson 1885, spouse: Enoch Alexander "Zan" Robinson 1876

Stamper      Patricia "Ethel" Dianne Stamper Jordan, spouse: Donald Lee Jordan

Strickland    Mary Elizabeth Strickland Green, spouse: Billy Ray Green
Strickland    Ray Jackson Strickland b.1923, spouse: Elizabeth Graham
Strickland    George Washington Strickland 1865, spouse: Vashtie M 'Vasti' Show b.1873

Stringer       Beverly Cheryl Stringer Frost, spouse: Jerry Wayne Frost
Stringer       Gerald LaVern Stringer b.1927, spouse: Verla Mae Corley

Swaithes     Alvin Castello Swaithes b.1905, spouse: Jessie Velma Bevans b.1907
Swaithes     Winona 'Nonie' Joyce Swaithes Weikum b.1930, spouse: "Leonard John Weikum Sr. b.1925

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- T -

Tedeton      Cathey Tedeton Barfoot b.1951 , spouse: Charles Edwin Barfoot b.1943
Tedeton      Delores Jean 'Susie' Tedeton, spouse: Glenn Allen
Tedeton      Michial J. Tedeton, spouse: Sheryl J.Brantley b.
Tedeton      Mary Inez Toady Tedeton Jordan b.1934, spouse: Don Lee Jordan 1931
Tedeton      Natie 'Nadia' Victoria Tedeton b.1905, spouse: James Jefferson 'Jim' Spillers b.1901

Thames      Sarah Thames 1820 , spouse: James Madison Shows b.1815

Thomas       Cindy Thomas Thompson B.1945, spouse: Thomas 'Tom' William Thompson

Thompson  Amos Edwin Thompson b.1889, spouse: Ethel Marie Dalrimple b.1892
Thompson  Haley Noelle Thompson, spouse: Unknown
Thompson  John Thompson b.1841, spouse: Julia Christine Alfson b.1850
Thompson  Michael Thomas Thompson, spouse: unknown
Thompson  Thomas 'Tom' William Thompson spouses: (1) Carol June Thompson Haley, (2) Cindy Thomas Thompson
Thompson  Todd Douglas Thompson, spouse: Tina Louise Frost
Thompson  William Roland Thompson b.1919, spouse: Janet R Strong b.1917

Thompson  Carolyn Lee Thompson Jones, spouse: unknown
Thompson  Oliver Paul Thompson b.1945 , spouse: unknown
Thompson  Rebecca 'Becky' Ann Thompson Jordan, spouse: Jimmy Dean Jordan

Tucker        Lester Marie Tucker Jennings Frost b.1922, spouse: Clifton R. Frost

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- U -
- V -

- W -
Wallace           Hazel Wallace Boyd Kerbow b.1913, spouses: (1) Mr. Boyd (2) David Ardell Kerbow b.1909

Weathers        Amy Weathers Frost b.1962, spouse: Johnny 'John' Ray Frost b.1952
Weathers        Richard Cothlyn Weathers b.1930, spouse: Mary Lucy Gibbs b.1935

Weems           Edward Jackson Weems b.1853, spouse: Malissia Cummins b.1861
Weems           Emily Lena Weems b.1881, spouse: Lucien Larche Frost b.1878

Weikum          Joyce Ann Weikum b.1953, spouse: George Allen Placek b.1949
Weikum          Korey Lynn Weikum b.1988, spouse: Heather J. Kerbow Weikum b.1987
Weikum          Leonard John Weikum Sr. b.1925, spouse: Winona 'Nonie' Joyce Swaithes Weikum b.1930

Wilkes            Vera Charlene Wilkes Frost 1946, spouse: Derrall Irvin Frost 1946

Willison           Arthur Lamar Willison 1883, spouse: Martha Rebecca Robinson Willison 1887

Wimberley     Pleasant Wimberley 1823, spouse: Amanda Julian Jackson 1831

Windsor         Barbara Fay Windsor Cobb b.1939, spouse: Nathan Sidney Cobb b.1941
Windsor         Jerry Willard Windsor b.1951, spouse: (1)Yvonne Griffith, (2)Karen King, (3)Vicky (maiden not known
Windsor         Peggy Genice Windsor Wray b.1943
Windsor         Willard "Willis" Windsor b.1914, Spouse: Helen Kerbow

Wood             Ronny Wood (Friend)

Woolie           Frankie Dean Woolie
Woolie           Ollie Faye Woolie Hardy 1932, spouse: Harry Clark Hardy I b.1929

Worthington  Charles Wayne Worthington b.1933, spouse: Ruby Elizabeth Adams Worthington b.1937
Worthington  Gale Worthington Frost, spouse: Kenneth Earl Adkins Frost
Worthington  John Tom Worthington b.1916, spouse: Verbie Herbie Kelley b.1917

Wren             Mary Rebecca Wren Weathers b.1905, spouse: Euley Weathers Sr. b.1893

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- X -
- Y -

- Z -
Zeagler         Nixon Humble L. Zeagler b.1918, spouse: Verdie Adrinnie Frost Sanders Zeagler 1921

Zuber           Betty Jane Carter Zuber b.1930, spouse: Willard Doyle Carter b.1924
Zuber           Joe Bob Zuber b.1936, spouse: Margaret B. (maiden not known) Zuber

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Wilkes / Day Surname List
Indexed by Surnames Name at birth.

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

SURNAME      Full Name at birth and DOB if known

- A -
Atkins          Kelly Leigh Atkins Denton b.1960, spouse: John Joe 'Joey' Denton Jr. b.1955

- B -
Barker         Elsie Mae Barker Menn Johnson b.1922, spouse: Thurston Eugene Johnson b.1917

Barrington   Dorothy "Dot" Kathryn Barrington Wilkes b.1916, spouse: Edward Leonard Wilkes b.1921
Barrington   Jean M Barrington b.1917, spouse: not known

Barrington   Margaret Elizabeth Barrington b.1921, spouse: not known

Blackman    Mabell C Blackman Day b.1916, spouse: Claude Davis Day b.1909

- C -
Carwile       Johnnie A Carwile b.1889, spouse: Walter 'Pop' Arthur Lytle b.1882

Cook           John Wayne Cook b.1952 , spouse: Charlene Sue Reed Denton Cook b.1963

Cosby         Ludell Cosby Wilkes b.1889, spouse: John Solomon Wilkes II b.1881

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- D -
Day              Claude Davis Day b.1909, spouse: Mabell C Blackman Day b.1916
Day              Dawn Corine Day Raddatz Robb 1936, spouse: (1) Otto Erwin Raddatz Jr. b.1931 (2)William Howard Robb
Day              Donald Drew Day b.1928, spouse: Barbara Dolores Cochran b.1932
Day              Lola Louise Day Wilkes b.1914, spouse; John Solomon "Sol" Wilkes III
Day              Marjori 'Marge' Ann Day Milutis 1940, spouse: John Jay Paul Milutis
Day              Roy Pearl Day Sr. b.1883, spouse: Cora Vera Dunlap Day Lytle b.1886
Day              Roy Pearl Day Jr. b.1906, spouse: Amelia Ida "Marge" Hayn Day Hannon b.1906
Day              Roy Russell Day b.1945, spouse: (1) Patricia Klekner Day
Day              Stephen Alan Day b.1967
Day              Vera Corinne Day Godwin b.1929, spouse: Byron Rowan "Pat" Godwin Sr. b.1924

Denton         Duane Allen Denton b.1962, spouse: Charlene Sue Reed Denton Cook
Denton         Ashley Nicole Denton 1983
Denton         Brandi Amber Denton b.1986, spouse: Chris Storey
Denton         Daniel Adam Denton b.1979
Denton         Duane Allen Denton b.1962, spouse: Charlene Sue Reed Denton Cook
Denton         Garrett Wesley Denton, spouse: Molly Peeler
Denton         John Joe 'Joey' Denton Jr., spouse: Kelly Leigh Atkins Denton b.1960
Denton         John Joe Denton Sr. b. 1941, spouse: Sylvia Ann Wilkes
Denton         Joseph Cole Denton, spouse: not known
Denton         Karey Ann Denton 1979, spouse: no data
Denton         Mark Steve Denton, spouse: Mary Virginia Dickerson b.1960
Denton         Richard Scott Denton b.1963, spouse: (1)Kristie Lyn Stanley b.1966, (2)Susan D Smart b.1970

Dickson       Dickie Lee Dickson, spouse: Mary Teresa Wilkes

Dunlap        Annie Laurie Dunlap b.1898, spouse: John Francis Brand b.1885
Dunlap        Cora Vera Dunlap Day Lytle b.1886, spouses: (1) Roy Pearl Day Sr. b.1883 (2)Walter 'Pop' Arthur Lytle b.1882
Dunlap        John Allen Dunlap b.1882, spouse: Nettie Rose Dunlap Schlosser b.1890

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- E -
- F -

- G -
Godwin       Alicia Godwin b.1962, spouse: not known
Godwin       Byron Rowan "Pat" Godwin Sr. b.1902, spouse: Vera Corinne Day Godwin b.1929
Godwin       Linda DiAnne Godwin, spouse: Lee Grassia

- H -
Hayn           Amelia Ida "Marge" Hayn Day Hannon b.1906", spouse: Roy Pearl Day Jr. b.1906

Hicks           Joshua Edgar Hicks b.1904, spouse: not known

- I -

- J -
Jerkins       David Malcom Jerkins, spouse: Vickie Elaine Tinsley
Jerkins       Mark Shane Jerkins, spouse: not known
Jerkins       Melvin Malcom Jerkins b.1921, spouse: Robbie DeLoraine Wilkes
Jerkins       Oliver 'Tang' Lee Jerkins b.1924, spouse: Ruth Thomson Rhodes b.1928
Jerkins       Paul Allen Jerkins, spouse: Mary Palada Porter

Johnson     Dennis Alan Menn Johnson b.1945, spouse: not known
Johnson     Robert Larry Menn Johnson b.1941, spouse: Sylvia Ann Wilkes Johnson b.1938

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- K -
Klekner       Patricia Klekner Day, spouse: Roy Russell Day b.1945

- L -
Lytle           Walter 'Pop' Arthur Lytle b.1882, spouse: (1) Johnnie A Carwile (2) Cora Vera Dunlap Day Lytle b.1886

- M -
Mehl           Max (Maxine) Mehl (family friend)

Menn          Dennis Alan Menn Johnson b.1945, spouse: not known
Menn          Robert Larry Menn Johnson b.1941, spouse: Sylvia Ann Wilkes Denton Johnson b.1938

Moralez      Florence Camilo y Soto De Moralez Wilkes, spouse: John Solomon "Sol" Wilkes III b.1906

Milutis        John Jay Paul Milutis, spouse; Marjori 'Marge' Day Milutis

- N -
Noblitt        Joseph L Noblitt b.1913, spouse:Maggie Leonia Morgan Crevisour b.1910

- O -

- P -
Penhorwood Eleanor "Nori" Marguerite Penhorwood Wilkes b.1939, spouse: Terry Gene Wilkes b.1941

- Q -

- R -
Raddatz     Chris Alan Raddatz b.1962 , spouse: unknown
Raddatz     Curt John Raddatz b.1956 , spouse: unknown
Raddatz     Otto Erwin Raddatz Jr. b.1931, spouse: Dawn Corine Day Raddatz Robb 1936

Reed         Charlene Sue Reed Denton Cook b.1963, spouse: Duane Allen Denton b.1962-1999

Redding     Ida Lee (Cosby Hicks Noblitt) Redding b.1873, spouse: Alonzo Cosby b.1869

Robb          William Howard Robb, spouse:Dawn Corine Day Raddatz Robb 1936

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- S -

- T -
Tinsley       Vickie Elaine Tinsley Jerkins b.1954, spouse, David Malcom Jerkins 1948

Thomas     Alann Lynn Thomas, spouse: not known
Thomas     Michael 'Mike' Joseph Thomas b.1952- 1955

- U -
- V -

- W -
Wilkes       Edward Leonard Wilkes b.1921, spouse: Dorothy "Dot" Kathryn Barrington Wilkes b.1916
Wilkes       Edith Kathryn 'Tommie' Wilkes b.1965, spouse: James Joseph Gomez b.1957
Wilkes       Frank Littleton Wilkes b.1878, spouse; not known
Wilkes       James Madison Wilkes b.1910, spouse: Maggie Leonia Morgan Crevisour Wilkes b.1910
Wilkes       John Solomon Wilkes II b.1881, spouse: Ludell Cosby Wilkes b.1889
Wilkes       John Solomon 'Sol' Wilkes III b.1906, spouse: (1st.) Mae King, (2nd) Lola Louise Day, (3rd) Florence Camilo y Soto Wilkes De Moralez.
Wilkes       John 'Buddy' Solomon Wilkes IV b.1937spouse: none
Wilkes       Lillian Beatrice Wilkes b.1908, spouse: (1)Craig Harrison, (2)Eddie Duke Hoover, (3) John Thomas Bufore b.1919, (4)John B. Walzer, (5, 6, 7, unk)
Wilkes       Marrianna Wilkes Thomas Barhite b.1930, spouse: Josaph 'Bobby' M. Thomas
Wilkes       Mary Teresa Wilkes Dickson, spouse: (1) Dickie Lee Dickson
Wilkes       Robbie DeLoraine Wilkes Jerkins b.1925, spouse; Melvin Malcom Jerkins b.1921
Wilkes       Sylvia Ann Wilkes Denton b.1938, spouses: John Joe Denton Sr. b. 1941, James H Parker, Robert Larry Menn Johnson b.1941
Wilkes       Terry Gene Wilkes, spouse: Eleanor "Nori" Marguerite Penhorwood Wilkes b.1939
Wilkes       Vera Charlene Wilkes b.1944, spouse: Derrall Irvin Frost 1946

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- Y -
- Z -

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